Tipe: HS-FB6bell hooseki

Colour: Red

Material: 2.0mm steel sheet

Rated Voltage: DC 24V

Rated Current: 30 mA

Volume: 90dB

Description: The fire alarm bell is an equipment controlled by the fire receiver terminal or the repeater and sounds a warning as a fire accident occured.


1. The way of motor-driven is taken at the low consumption of current, to reduce the load for power output from receiver terminal.

2. This design of exceptional structure is sturdy and durable. The bell even can ring to last 40 hours without decline of the performance and structure.


manual call poit

Tipe: HS-FP1

Material: PC-ABS

Colour: Red

Rated Voltage: DC 24V

Rated Current: 75 mA

Description: This fire manual station can quickly transmit a signal to the fire receiver terminals or the repeaters while the button under a transparent protective cover has been pushed at the first finding of a fire accident (This signal is beyond the accumulated time limitation). There is a light over the button. The light will light up as a signal has been exactly received by the receiver terminal. There is also a telephone jack for telephone communication with attendant at the fire receiver terminal.


1. Auto-Return by pushing button, no need to disassemble the main body.

2. Response light available to identify the operation completed.

3. reinforced transparent protective cover is reusable.

4. All plastics are fire-proof, light, convenient and stylish.

5. Outside cord distribution with terminators to ease on work.


lamp hooseki

Tipe: HS-FL3

Rated Voltage: 24V DC

Material: PC Fire-Proof Plastics

Colour: Red

Rated Current: LED about 20mA

Weight: Approx 55g


The fire indicating lamp is an equipment to go twinkling, to show the position of a fire signal device and to be controlled by fire receiver terminal or a repeater while a fire accident occured

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